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What is a Triniti Facial?

The Triniti™ Plus advanced facial treatment is like the Ferrari of non-invasive facial and neck rejuvenation. Trinity Plus combines 3 of our most effective technologies into 1 procedure to improve your skin tone and texture, treat fine lines and wrinkles in a single session – for a more comprehensive approach and enhanced results. Save time and get beautiful results.

How does a Triniti Facial work?

The Triniti advanced facial treatment combines bi-polar and light energies to precisely heat the tissue to eliminate brown and red spots, fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skin tone and texture. The procedure targets the most common aging skin concerns: color correction, skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles and skin texture.

Nu Image Medspa is the premier Triniti™ Plus Facial provider in NJ. We use the most advanced technology to provide a results-oriented skin rejuvenation program. New to Nu Image Medspa? Call us today at 201-712-0222 to schedule a free consultation and save 20% off your first treatment.

Benefits of a Triniti Advanced Facial Treatment:

  • Color Correction – Addresses age pigmentation concerns
  • Contouring – Smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tightening & Texture – Stimulates collagen and elastin production
  • Combines three treatments into one for total comprehensive renewal
  • Can be performed on neck and decollete as well as face

What to expect from a Triniti Advanced Facial treatment

The Triniti Plus advanced facial treatment saves time compared to other treatment programs. All 3 treatment protocols are done in one session. First, we address pigmentation issues such as age spots. We follow that with a customized treatment addressing skin laxity. Finally, energy is applied to the skin in a matrix to treat wrinkles and texture. Most clients easily undergo the procedure. A water based numbing agent and external cooling is used to increase your comfort level. Unlike many other programs, our treatment is safe and effective for most skin types.

Triniti Advanced Facial Aftercare

Most clients return to normal activities immediately after treatment. There may be a period of redness for some clients immediately following the procedure. We recommend letting skin “breathe” for 12 hours post procedure and limiting sun exposure. The following day, it is important to keep skin hydrated and protected. Thorough post care instructions will be provided at the time of your treatment.

While each person is different, most of our guests achieve excellent results from our skin rejuvenation programs. Even so, you will continue to age as you expose yourself to the sun and other environmental elements. What you can do is come back for regular touch-ups. Our clinicians will recommend the best maintenance plan for you.

Triniti Advanced Facial Before & After


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