What is Microneedling?

Microneedling, also called Collagen Induction Therapy, is a clinically proven treatment that treats a variety of concerns, including fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, non-raised keloid scarring, stretch marks, hair loss and thinning, dermatitis, active acne, and rosacea. Treatments are minimally invasive, virtually pain-free and do not require lengthy recovery times. A consult is recommended to evaluate your specific needs.

Nu Image Medspa is the premier Microneedling provider in NJ. We use the most advanced micro channeling technology to provide a results-oriented skin rejuvenation program. New to Nu Image Medspa? Call us today at 201-712-0222 to schedule a free consultation and save 20% off your first treatment.


What makes Nu Image Microneedling different?

Verticle Stamping Method

Unlike other Microneedling Pens, our device uses a stamping or tapping method, rather than a dragging motion, creating a vertical pattern of micro-channels in the skin. The traditional method of dragging a pen across the skin creates a “cat scratch” effect, resulting in less effective results. Powered by a state of the art swiss motor, our micro stamping device creates micro-channels (tiny holes) in the skin’s outer layers with the use of tiny needles, stimulating your skin or hair to regenerate stronger and healthier than before.

Human Stem Cell Serum

To make certain our solutions are safe for introducing into the skin through the micro-channels our device creates, we use serums derived from human stem cells, containing high concentrations of natural human growth factors. We believe our serums to be the best in the world. Only human stem cells help detect damaged skin and stimulate the skin’s own regenerative abilities. These growth factors support cellular renewal and have potent regenerating properties to improve skin firmness, elasticity, and tone. Fine lines and wrinkles diminish over time, and skin looks and feels brighter, more luminous, and healthy.

Hair Growth Factor Serum

Our Hair Serum contains select growth factors that are naturally present in healthy, young hair follicles. These growth factors may improve the overall condition of the scalp, may rejuvenate damaged hair follicles, and can stimulate generation of new hair follicles which may help to stimulate new hair growth.

Not All Growth Factors Are Created Equal

The growth factors found in skin care products come from a variety of sources, including plants, adipose tissue, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and even snails!. Our Serums contain growth factors derived from human bone marrow stem cell cultures, which demonstrate potent anti-inflammatory effects that may reduce healing time, hyperpigmentation and scar tissue deposition.

How Does Microneedling Work?







Benefits of Microneedling:

● Improves appearance of acne scars and stretch marks
● Diminishes the signs of aging
● Stimulates collagen and elastin production
● Rejuvenates and repairs skin
● Improves enlarged pores
● Corrects sun damage
● Painless treatments with little down time
● Safe for all skin types

What to expect from a Microneedling treatment?

Day of procedure clients should note: No lotions, makeup or other topical products on your face before your procedure. The skin is cleansed and a topical numbing agent is used in treatment area. Then using the microneedling device, micro-channels are created in the skin. Additional serums can then be applied to address different skin concerns. Most treatment times are about 30 minutes.

Microneedling Aftercare

Results are cumulative and desired improvement of is typically achieved in 3 to 5 treatment sessions. Immediately following a Microneedling treatment, you are free to resume your daily activities. After your procedure, do not take any anti-inflammatory medications such as Ibuprofen, Motrin or Advil. These can interfere with the natural inflammatory process that is critical and responsible for your skin rejuvenation. After treatment,

  • You skin looks both tighter and fresher
  • You might experience slight redness and a plumping effect of your skin
  • Approximately 48 to 72 hours after the treatment you’ll have an increase in collagen production. It takes at least four weeks to see noticeable results
  • The new collagen will last for several years, leading to the decreased appearance of both lines and wrinkles, as well as increase in your skin’s firmness.
  • You’ll see a visible reduction in scar tissue, UV damage, hyperpigmentation and stretch marks. At the same time, you’ll also see more hair grow on your scalp, skin texture improvement, and your skin both grow thicker and tighter.
  • Days later, your skin will start shedding. During this temporary process, your skin will become dry.
  • A week after the procedure, most patients notice that their skin is smoother and more radiant.

While each person is different, most of our guests achieve excellent results from our skin rejuvenation programs. Even so, you will continue to age as you expose yourself to the sun and other environmental elements. What you can do is come back for regular touch-ups. Our clinicians will recommend the best maintenance plan for you.

Microneedling Before & After


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