The Reality of CoolSculpting Before & After Images

CoolSculpting before and after

The web is full of amazing Coolsculpting before and after images. The pictures depict what Coolsculpting delivers to those who try the fat reduction treatment. That’s because one of the best ways people find out whether or not something works is through pictures. When images are put together in before and after succession, it is very hard to deny the results. Such is the case with the groundbreaking body contouring process. They help answer many questions for anyone who may not believe Coolsculpting works or wants real proof. Coolsculpting before and after photos provide evidence of body reshaping and torso metamorphosis like nothing else.

Real Patients & Dramatic Changes

Millions of people have unsightly and unwanted fat bulges in some parts of their bodies. Those who try the Coolsculpting fat freezing procedure generally have their photos taken before they begin the process. It is through these images that the transformation of a body can be shown to the patient(s) and to others. Each one of the Coolsculpting before and after image tells a different story. They begin by showing the fat bulges in the person’s arms, belly, chin, knees or any other area where fat cells lay dormant. However, once the patient starts the fat reduction procedure, the results are mind-blowing.

CoolSculpting Before and After*

Unwanted bulges are turned into aesthetically defined musculature parts. Without the need for surgery, stunning body transformation takes place. Still, keep in mind that results will vary since that is true with any cosmetic treatment*. Nonetheless, the images of those people whose bodies have been contoured and changed are of real patients.

CoolSculpting before and after


Treatment Areas for Coolsculpting

Folks often wonder what areas in their bodies which are surrounded by fat cells can be treated. Luckily, there are many Coolsculpting treatment areas people can take advantage of. The procedure allows Coolsculpting body contouring experts to target a specific area of your body. The results can be better appreciated and seen through the Coolsculpting before and after images. Irrespective of where the fat cells are a problem for the person, Coolsculpting can help. The following areas can be treated for fat reduction:

  • Love handles such as flanks and hips
  • Belly fat in the abdomen
  • Fat in the back
  • Bra bulge or fat in the armpits
  • Banana roll or below the buttocks
  • Upper part of your arms
  • People with fat on their chest – great for man boobs or moobs
  • Neck fat, double chin – submental region
  • Outer thigh fat, inner, thighs

The Coolsculpting Process Explained

One of the most common questions people have is how does Coolsculpting work? They are perplexed as to how fat can be reduced via cold temperatures. The method is called cryolipolysis and it freezes fat cells until they die. The scientifically proven method utilizes a cooling technology that is revolutionary. Without causing harm to surrounding tissue or skin, the fat cells are frozen by Coolsculpting. Once they are targeted by a professional Coolsculpting technician using the applicators, the fat cells rupture. They then undergo what is called apoptosis, which means cell death. Best of all, the human body will process these dead fat cells gradually. Naturally, they leave the body as waste and are gone for good.

While one single treatment can help patients achieve some fat cell reduction, most choose several treatments. Doing so allows them to achieve results which are significant and lead to greater body contouring. Even though outcomes differ per patient, the majority see changes in about 8 to 12 weeks after they begin the procedure.*

Professional Coolsculpting Near Me

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